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Araigen_Rensutsu_Timeskip.png Araigen Rensutsu

Age 24, 26 (Timeskip)
Gender Male
Species Human, Shinigami
Blood type O
Birthdate 8/11
Height 5'11"
Weight 170 lbs
Devil Fruit Kasei Kasei no Mi
Zanpakutō Viridian Ox
Former Bounties 2,000,000 Beri
78,000,000 Beri
148,000,000 Beri
Bounty 264,000,000 Beri
Town of Origin Torua
Occupation Pirate
Epithet "Jet Fist"
Family Unknown

Araigen Rensutsu (廉酢津 荒い神 Rensutsu Araijin) is the captain of the Flareforce Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Araigen has light green hair, blue eyes, wears a dark green button-up shirt and brown belt and pants. He also wears a cross around his neck.


Araigen likes to fight, and get in arguments, and tends to get into fights that shouldn't have been started. He likes to hone his skills in thievery as he left his home island to make a name for himself as the greatest thief on the Grand Line. Araigen has learned to be careful with who he trusts, as he has been almost turned into the authorities due to trusting people who he thought were helping him. Araigen will usually trust someone who fights along side him.

Araigen has a distinct laughter style - Eh-shi-shi-shi


Devil Fruit - Kasei Kasei no Mi - Force Force Fruit

Araigen's devil fruit allows him to create force going outward from any part of his body. He can punch with a stronger amount, or could jump higher due to this.

Zanpakutō - Viridian Ox

Araigen's zanpakutō, Viridian Ox, takes the form a small dagger in its sealed form and it takes on the form of a battleaxe in its Shikai form. In its Shikai form, triggered by the phrase, "Display, Viridian Ox!", it can be used like a boomerang as it will always go back to Araigen. It transforms into a white, small shuriken as its Bankai. It creates the illusion of an exact likeness of the wielder, confusing the opponent as to which is which. He can change which one is the illusion by throwing the shuriken to the other.


Special AttacksEdit

Kasei Kasei no Blast Action - Araigen throws a punch accelerated by his evil fruit and then uses his fruit power on contact.

Kasei Kasei no Burst Action - Araigen throws a barrage of punches accelerated by his fruit power.

Kasei Kasei no Speed Action - Araigen runs at his target using his fruit power to run faster and hits them with a double punch.

End Action - Araigen stops in mid attack, only to spin around and hit his target with a double powered elbow jab.

Spell of the Hidden Order - Araigen goes into a fighting stance and starts to concentrate on his inner force. He then sends out a wave of force in all directions knocking his opponents down. He learned this from the Order of the Red Stone, who are masters at using a fighting style that sends out inner willpower. Araigen just uses his fruits power to supplement not truly knowing the ability.

Kasei Kasei no Spell - Araigen activates his bankai and confuses the opponent while attacking with both the real and fake versions of himself.


Standard devil fruit weaknesses.



Current EventsEdit

Trivia Edit

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