Welcome to the Shonen World!

Worlds bleeding into each other, unlike what was intended. Powers from different worlds find themselves on new characters, people find themselves becoming legends. This is a Shonen anime and manga crossover fanfiction of epic proportions!

Anime/Manga Worlds

-Fairy Tail: On many islands across all the seas, mage guilds start to pop up.

-DBZ: In the New World, on a small island, a world martial arts tournament is being held.

-Gundam: In North Blue, and island with giant robot tech starts its advance on the grand line.

-One Piece: Across the world, the World Government is in panic, trying to calm the many old and new citizens of this world.

-Bleach: An island floating above the Red Line starts to form, a land of spirits, where the dead go.

-Naruto: in the Grand Line a continent forms, where ninja are a normal sight.

-Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: People across the world start to awaken powers inside themselves called "Ripple" and "Stand".

-Bobobo: A weird island pops up in South Blue where a man named Bobobo travels trying to save the island from becoming bald.

-Toriko: A gourmet association pops up in East Blue.

-Jigoku Sensei Nube: Odd demons and spirits start wandering about the world.

Depending on how this goes, it may turn into a Kindom Hearts-like situation, we may even add more anime and manga!


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